Timemax is a company which seems to be involved with supplying games for certain recent Famiclone handhelds, particularly those with vibration functionality.

Their games are all sourced from other companies but have a "Timemax" credit added to them.

Their library mostly consists of:

  • Inventor hacks (including rare/unseen ones, and modified versions with vibration support added)
  • Waixing games (and Waixing versions of Nice Code games) with their titles changed
  • Nice Code games
  • A few other things

Timemax registered copyright on a large portion of this library in 2022. The legitimacy of this move is unknown at the moment.

They have also sold a few Famiclone consoles under their own brand on Amazon USA, but strangely, those consoles seem to come with generic ROM sets and do not use any Timemax games.