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Welcome to 12bit Museum! ((formerly 12bit Notepad) formerly Super Multi Notes) (38 in 1 no repeats)

This is a place for me (taizou) to document the many all-in-one handheld consoles, plug & plays, clone consoles, emulator machines and other pieces of unusual and obscure gaming hardware I've accumulated over the years, along with supplemental info about the companies behind them, the hardware they run on, and unique and interesting games found on them.

While I have attempted to write more in-depth blog posts about these consoles on 12bit Blog in the past, in the end I found myself lacking the time and motivation to sustain that approach, and in reality have ended up just tweeting about my new acquisitions, if I even mention them at all. So I've set this little sub-site up with the intention of it serving as something more organised and less ephemeral than social media, but lower-commitment than full-on blogging, where I can more easily document these devices on an ad-hoc basis.

(12bit Repository is another project running along similar lines, but chiefly for documenting cartridges rather than consoles; I had considered merging the two at some point, but that's probably not on the cards in the immediate future, so I've decided to explicitly focus this one on consoles and that one on carts for the time being.)

12bit Museum runs on MediaWiki software, but it's not a typical collaborative wiki, I'm the only person who can edit it; the wiki format was just chosen as a convenient way for me to upload, edit and organise information and pictures. If you're looking for a proper community-edited wiki on related subjects, check out BootlegGames Wiki instead!

All original content here is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, so you can reuse it with credit - see Project:Copyrights for more details.

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