TV Tilt Boy

TV Tilt Boy
Model number NS-100
Type Controller
Hardware Jungletac 8-bit
Manufacturer Jungletac
Sold by Systema
Brand Play vs TV

A plug & play console featuring tilt controls. I currently only have the packaging for this one, and I can't find much info online, despite it being distributed by Systema in the UK.


  1. Runner Car
  2. Motor Rally
  3. Ocean Quest
  4. Aero Engine
  5. Last Cabra
  6. Insect Chase
  7. Pinball Track
  8. Birdie Nest
  9. Bingo Zap
  10. Spin Ball

The manual seems to have originally listed only games 6-10 as "Adapt to TILT function", but a sticker was added applying that designation to the other five games as well - which I guess would mean the tilt controls are simply mapped to the D-pad (which it does also have), and all games can be controlled using either method.

This does probably imply that the last five games were originally designed for tilt control, though - they have all reappeared on subsequent Jungletac consoles and really would make a lot more sense as tilt games (especially Bingo Zap...).