Subor SB-Z16A

Subor SB-Z16A
Type Handheld
Hardware VT03
Manufacturer Toycenter
Brand Subor

Seems to be a Toycenter product, like the Digiking ZL-720, but one that somehow unaccountably ended up being sold under the Subor brand. The packaging is 100% Subor (even their address, website and full company name are listed) - the only mention of its true origins is the console's startup screen, which has "Zhanglong Series" text under the Subor logo. That and the included instruction sheet, which is generic and pictures various Toycenter products.

The menu and game selection are clearly based on that of the ZL-720, albeit with a bunch of games added and a few removed (notably Friday the 13th, which was broken on the 720). It also still suffers from the same problems as the 720 - VT03 games' colours are completely screwed up when using the TV out, and the triangle channel is missing from the audio - and the screen seems slightly worse (in my very subjective opinion).

The packaging claims "430 in 1" but there are repeats. It has "298" built in, and two 66-in-1 cartridges included, but the cartridges are actually fake and just trigger different built-in menus. This kind of fakery is nothing new - plenty of other consoles have done it - but in a particularly weird move, this console's cartridge-activated menus don't contain any games not already available from the default 298-in-1. So the carts are actually completely pointless.

One cool feature it has above the 720 (and most handhelds, for that matter) is the bundled 2nd player controller - it plugs into the same MiniUSB port used for charging and works pretty much as you'd expect. It also has an odd "WYWY" logo on the back.