ES-2016 16bit

ES-2016 16bit
Type Handheld
Hardware Mega Drive

A handheld Mega Drive clone with "3000" games built in (really about 100 plus repeats) including six originals. Has an MD cart slot although I haven't tested its compatibility.

The manual (sheet of paper) refers to it as a "Pocket Boy 16-bit", and it uses almost the same design as a line of handheld Famiclones which seem to have been originally derived from a Jungletac design, the Pocket Boy FC-360, although I have no idea if they're involved with this incarnation in any way.

It works quite decently as far as clones go, but the PSG sound is way too loud compared to the FM, which makes for some odd sounding music in many games.


It claims 3000 games, but by my reckoning about 147 are unique.

Six of the games are original (although Angry Birds has been floating around the internet for a while, the ROM having been released by its creator):

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Season
  • Fishing Joy
  • Bullethead
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Fruit Ninja

The other 141 (if I've counted right) are standard Mega Drive games, and it's a pretty good selection! (maybe i'll list them sometime if anyone cares) (but suffice to say Squirrel King is on it)



The "New 2015" sticker is stuck over "New 2013" text on the box, and I think I've seen a "New 2014" variation as well.

Despite the appearance of Psy and Iron Man on the box here, neither feature in games on the console.

(also the barcode seems to be fake)